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Irish Wake CD **SALE

This is the newest CD to the McGuires collection. It was composed, arranged and produced by Rich McGuff and features; Rich McDuff, Molly McGuire, The McGuire's Irish Pipe Band and many many more. "Music for and about an Irish Wake that includes the solemn to the lighthearted and humorous tunes"

1. Irish Wake

2. Amazing Grace

3. Rosin the Beau

4. The Night Paddy Murphy Died

5. The Parting Glass

6. Fiddler's Green

7. Captain MacDuff's Farewell

8. Danny Boy

9. Flow Gently Sweet Afton

10. Isn't it Grand Boys

11. Finnegan's Wake

12. A Mother's Love's A Bleassing

13. Flower's Of The Forest

14. The Last Rose of Summer


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